Holidays in Your Kitchen

Are you ready to start thinking about the holidays in your kitchen? Let’s face it, the kitchen sees a lot of action these next couple of months. From Thanksgiving to New Years, there’s a lot of meal prep and hanging out in the kitchen. So, this year we’re helping you prep your kitchen for all of the fun and festivities. And, we’re going to show you the ‘Best Chocolate Chip Cookie‘ recipe for 2020.

holidays in your kitchen

Clear the Clutter from the Countertops

We know, it seems obvious. However, this simple step can make all the difference for how your kitchen feels (to you and your guests) when you walk in. First step is to remove all of the loose paper, bills, and little one’s artwork (which could be framed instead). Second, make all of the surfaces shine — countertops, backsplash, and floors.

Clean Out the Refrigerator

Expiration, May 2019. Yeah, that’s gotta go. All of those food items that have found their way to the back of the fridge may be ‘vintage’ now. Nonetheless, it’s probably time for them to hit the disinfected trash cans. The fridge is probably going to be used a lot during the holidays in your kitchen and having lots of free space will be super helpful. Also, now is a great time to remove the shelving to give it a good hand washing. Sparkles!

Remember the Cutlery

Turkey, ham, potatoes, or carrots. Whatever your meals include, you are most likely going to need a sharp knife. Might we add, that you don’t really appreciate how great a truly sharp knife is until you realize you’ve been working without one. There are so many knife sharpeners to choose from for personal to restaurant style use.

Did you know that you can cut directly on granite countertops? Give us a shout and we can walk you through the pros and cons of each natural stone type.

How Does Your Microwave Look?

It’s easy to forget about your microwave. We use it, close the door, and walk away. Now imagine a guest offering to help warm up a dish. They open the door and see a montage of past meals. Cleaning your microwave before the holidays in your kitchen is a pro move.

holidays in your kitchen
Care for your fridge, oven, and microwave before the holidays

Prep Your Oven with Love

Self-cleaning ovens sound like a great idea. However, sometimes that process can cause more stress than the oven can handle. This can result in an oven that just won’t work properly during its big turkey moment. Therefore, save the self-cleaning for the new year, and do oven prep for the holidays the old fashioned way; with a little elbow grease.

Disinfect Trash Cans

Ewww, right? And that’s what your guests may think, too. To avoid that awkward moment, take those cans outside and give them a cleaning and disinfection. Bonus, Hefty makes a White Pine scented odor-block trash bag perfect for the holidays.

Holidays in Your Kitchen, Baking Style

holidays in your kitchen

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. ‘The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie‘ recipe for 2020. To be fair, it’s not our recipe, although it is especially yummy. The recipe is from Broma Bakery, an elite Cafemedia Food Publisher. You can find this chocolate chip cookie recipe here, along with other wonderful holiday recipes.

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