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Quartz Kitchen Countertops – A quality choice

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Kitchen Countertops: A Quality Choice There are several choices when selecting kitchen countertops. Sometimes, the choices can feel confusing or a bit overwhelming.  Granite or quartz is a common question.  We also know that there are a lot of things to consider within that choice.  We want to help you make sense of it…

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How to Disinfect Granite Countertops

how to disinfect granite countertops

How to Disinfect Granite Countertops Ever wonder how to disinfect granite countertops? Keeping your home properly cleaned can be an exhausting process. While we can’t offer tips for your entire home, these tips will help for keeping your granite countertops free of bacteria and dirt. If you have granite countertops in your kitchen or bathroom,…

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Benefits of Our On-Site Interior Designer

on-site interior designer

The Benefits of an On-Site Interior Designer Would you benefit from our on-site interior designer? If you aren’t an expert or particularly experienced in home renovation, designing your home’s interior can be challenging. While many homeowners believe that they can easily select paints, countertops, and amenities that will perfectly match their home, often it can…

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Countertop Edge Profile Choices for Your Home

Countertop Edge Profile

Choose Your Countertop Edge Profile It’s the small details that truly make a space unique. Every small choice you make comes together to develop the finished product – your dream home. However, as anyone who has endured a home renovation knows, choosing the small details can be extremely challenging. Selecting a countertop edge profile for…

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How Are Granite Countertops Made?

how are granite countertops made

Have you ever wondered how beautiful granite countertops are made? Would you be surprised to know that the journey starts in a quarry where the raw materials aren’t so pretty? The Quarry: U.S. and Abroad A quarry is a large, deep pit, from which stone or other materials are or have been extracted.  In the…

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Spring Cleaning Granite Countertops

cleaning granite countertops

Cleaning Granite Countertops – A Deep Clean for the Spring Spring is here and it might be time to do a deep clean of your kitchen. Especially if you’ve had seasons full of heavy cooking and wonderful meals passing through the most popular room in the house. Cleaning granite countertops can be an easy process…

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