Home Improvements

Granite Countertops in the Laundry Room

Granite countertops in the laundry room

Granite Countertops in the Laundry Room We think that granite is a great countertop choice for just about any room in the house. We are particularly fond of using granite countertops in the laundry room to help transform the space from boring to inviting. With granite’s beautiful marbling of materials and colors, home owners can…

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Heated Flooring

heated flooring

Heated Flooring For your bathroom or living spaces It’s officially fall, and the weather is beginning to turn colder. That can mean stepping out of a hot shower onto cold floors.  Or, having to wear warm foot protection to keep your toes from becoming little popsicles.  While heated flooring may feel like a decadent indulgence…

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Kitchen Flooring Trends 2018

kitchen flooring

Kitchen Flooring Trends for 2018 If you find kitchen trends interesting, you will enjoy these 2018 kitchen flooring trends.  According to Flooringinc.com and supported on sites like Houzz.com, these kitchen flooring trends are being used by designers and home owners alike. Here at the Granite Shop, we have an in-house designer who will help you…

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Installing a Dishwasher Under Granite Countertops


Installing a Dishwasher Under Your New Granite Countertops A large part of your kitchen remodeling project is installing new granite countertops. They add beauty and functionality to the space, and there are certain things to consider when installing a dishwasher underneath them. For instance, be sure to use anti-tip clips to hold it in place…

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Removing Ceramic Countertops

removing ceramic countertops

Removing Ceramic Countertops If you’re feeling like your ceramic countertops are a bit outdated, you’re probably right. Ceramic countertops are a thing of the past. If you want to create a more modern kitchen, one of the first things you’ll want to do is replace those ceramic countertops. Before you start removing ceramic countertops to…

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Benefits of an Interior Designer

interior designer

Benefits of an Interior Designer Granite Shop Offers One On Site Did you know that the Granite Shop has an interior designer on site? Engaging the services of an interior designer makes a significant difference in the final product of whatever room you are remodeling. Investing in your home is commitment that pays dividends. Using…

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