Installing a Dishwasher Under Granite Countertops

Installing a Dishwasher

Under Your New Granite Countertops

A large part of your kitchen remodeling project is installing new granite countertops. They add beauty and functionality to the space, and there are certain things to consider when installing a dishwasher underneath them. For instance, be sure to use anti-tip clips to hold it in place whether replacing an older model or installing a brand new version. These unique clips keep the appliance from falling forward when you open the door and pull out the dish racks while loading and unloading.

Clip Placement

The anti-tip clips can be found attached to either the top or sides of the appliance. To determine how your dishwasher is installed, refer to the owner’s manual. This booklet provides you with valuable information and will tell you if the clips are on the top or sides.

Top Clip Installation

Older models, as well as economical versions, usually have top clips. In this situation, the clips are attached with small screws to the underside of the countertop. This works well with laminate or wood countertops, but unfortunately, drilling holes into the underside of a granite countertop can cause problems. Trying to drill holes and then attach screws into this type of surface is not recommended because it can cause the countertop’s material to chip and crack.

How to Avoid Chipping and Cracking

When working with granite countertops, you can attach plywood to the underside. This will provide a secure surface to drill into. Use ¾ inch wide strips of ¼ inch plywood. Attach these strips with either silicone caulk or an epoxy. Keep the pieces of plywood firmly clamped in place until the adhesive has fully cured. Once that is finished, you can attach your anti-tip clips to the plywood without causing damage to the countertop. You can also find aftermarket brackets that are made to safely secure top mounted dishwashers without harming the countertop.

Side Mounted Installation

If you have a side mounted dishwasher, you will find that there are clips used for installation that attach to the side of the appliance and are then secured to the face frame on both sides of the opening. These versions will include plastic caps that you will use to cover the holes on the inside of the door frame once the crews are in place.

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