Spring Cleaning Granite Countertops

Cleaning Granite Countertops – A Deep Clean for the Spring

Spring is here and it might be time to do a deep clean of your kitchen. Especially if you’ve had seasons full of heavy cooking and wonderful meals passing through the most popular room in the house. Cleaning granite countertops can be an easy process when performed properly.

Preparing Your Surfaces

If your kitchen has granite countertops, you’ve probably cleaned them a time or two. During a deep clean, however, it’s important to remove all of the utensils, appliances, and knick-knacks sitting on the surface. These things may be trapping items like crumbs, grease, and food particles. These items, if left for too long, can begin to eat away at the beautiful surface of your granite. Dark colored foods can stain surfaces, and acidic foods can begin to eat away at the protective surface of the granite.

Once your countertops are clear, use a slightly damp, cotton rag, to sweep away any crumbs or foreign items (after a few months, things just don’t look the same anymore and identifying them can be tough). We love the ease of sweeping right into the sink.

Cleaning Products

Now that your countertops are primed, you’re ready for a deep clean. There are several products on the market suitable for cleaning granite countertops. If you’re not quite sure if what you have is safe, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Remember, never use harsh chemicals for cleaning granite countertops.

Sometimes, the simplest approach is the best. A mixture of warm water and Dawn dish soap will clean away most sticky, greasy, residue and leave your countertops looking shiny and clean.

Also, be sure to clean the bottoms of appliances and the other items before returning them to the countertops.

What if There’s a Stain

Stains happen. If one remains after cleaning, don’t panic. And don’t use harsher chemicals to try and treat the affected area. Give us a call at the Granite Shop and we will be glad to help. You can reach us at (843) 771-1235.

Is Your Granite Countertop Sealed?

Cleaning granite countertops is a great way to keep them looking shiny. In addition, the best way to protect them for years to come is to have them sealed. When countertops are installed, they are sealed. Some companies use a short-term sealant. Others use a 25 year sealant. Knowing if its time to reseal your countertops will go a long way to keeping them looking their best.

Want to Know More ?

If you have any questions, please visit our website or give us a call. For answers to some frequently asked questions, check out our FAQ page.

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