Spring Cleaning in Summerville

spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning in the South

The green film of pollen is emerging in the South and spring cleaning is coming to mind. It feels like this year the thin layer of green showed up a bit early. It’s on our cars, and open windows in the house is inviting it onto our surfaces, too. And so, we want to help you keep your natural stone surfaces looking and feeling clean.

spring cleaning


One of the appealing features of granite is the variety of colors and patterns available. As such, it is sometimes difficult to actually see dirt, grime, dust, or pollen. Keeping granite clean is a simple three-step process.

First, start by wiping down surfaces with a clean micro-fiber cloth. Micro-fiber prevents pushing grime into corners and natural contours of the stone. These cloths are also more gentle than paper or dish towels.

micro-fiber towel

Of course, we want to see your granite countertops last as long as they can. Choosing the proper cleaning solvents will go a long way with that effort. Avoiding harsh chemicals is a must for granite. That means no ammonia, vinegar, or other acid based cleaners. What does that leave you with? Warm water and ph balanced dish soap is a perfect alternative. A ph balanced cleaner also helps eliminate streaks. You may even consider adding a little isopropyl alcohol with the dish soap. Isopropyl alcohol is ph neutral, therefore safe to use on natural stone.

Finally, once your surface is dry, check for any missed spots or patches. This is easily achieved by running the palm of your hand across the surface.


Marble, in all its beauty, requires daily attention. It’s the high maintenance option of the natural stone world. This includes using coasters with drinks and avoiding contact with items that will cause scratching or chipping.

Like with granite, avoid harsh chemicals. While they will only dull a granite’s finish, they will cause etching or scratching with marble. This even means avoiding contact with lemon or orange juice.

There are several cleaners on the market made specifically for marble. However, warm water and dish soap will also do the trick. Some people choose to use stone cleaner. While this is an acceptable option, it should be used occasionally only. Using a soft sponge, cloth, or other gentle material for cleaning works best. Avoid sponges with a ‘scrubber’ side. Whatever item you use to clean, avoid scrubbing. Scrubbing can drag dirt across the surface and cause scratching.

Until granite, marble must be fully dried. Pools of water left on marble will result in stains that cannot be removed. Using a micro-fiber cloth for drying works well.

Pollen Related Spring Cleaning

If you’re reading this and can see a film of green, you’re ready to tackle it now. However, be patient. The green goo isn’t going away any time soon. Unfortunately, that may mean frequent cleaning. The suggestions above that include ph balanced solvents will go a long way to keep your surfaces looking shiny and clean for years to come.

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