Adding Granite to Your Home

Adding Granite to Your Home

There is never a shortage of updates we’d like to make to our homes. Sometimes we want new fixtures, or updated paint colors, or new flooring.  Personalizing our home gives it distinction and a flavor of our personal style. Recently, to accomplish this, people are turning to unique materials, colors and shapes. When adding granite to your home, consider some of the more exotic stones. Exotic granite has bold colors and strong patterns that become a centerpiece of a space.


In the kitchen, adding exotic granite to an island or a backsplash can create a pop of excitement. When the granite works with the existing colors of the space it can be a unifying piece. Even its boldness can fit seamlessly into the right environment. Our in-house designer will help you to make the right selection for your home.

Bold patterns


Last month, we touched on granite in the bathrooms. Imagine kicking it up a notch with bold exotic colors. Adding granite to focal points of your bathroom is stunning. Consider smaller areas such as the shower pan or along the length of the tub to make a visual impact.

Living Spaces

Looking to add a pop of the bold to your living spaces? What’s more focal than the fireplace? Adding an exotic stone to the surround makes your fireplace even more of a statement piece. For added pizazz, draw the eye into your home with granite in the entryway.

Laundry Room

Often times overlooked, the laundry room is an ideal place to elevate the ambiance. Creating a beautiful folding area with exotic granite may making folding clothes feel a little more luxurious.

At Granite Shop, we have full slabs on site helping to make the selection process easier for home owners. Schedule your visit today.

Exotic granite is a great way to have a little design fun with your home. Contact us here at The Granite Guy for supplies and advice for your exotic granite uses.

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