Heated Flooring

Heated Flooring

For your bathroom or living spaces

It’s officially fall, and the weather is beginning to turn colder. That can mean stepping out of a hot shower onto cold floors.  Or, having to wear warm foot protection to keep your toes from becoming little popsicles.  While heated flooring may feel like a decadent indulgence to some, there are some real benefits to the process.  Some may see it as a design opportunity to be able to stop covering those beautiful floors with mats and rugs.

Benefits of heated flooring

Not just a nice to have, heated flooring offers some true benefits for you and your home.

Health Benefits

Keeping your feet warm not only feels good, but it also has some health benefits. Heating the floors of your living spaces tends to warm the entire lower half of the room. This enables less reliance on air ducts that can blow dust and allergens around and into a room.

Enhance Your Property

Looking to sell your home in the near future?  Heated floors will enhance the property and be a welcome feature to potential buyers.

Cost Saving Over Time

If the overlaid flooring is made of natural stone, ceramic, tile, marble, or porcelain, the floors will retain the heat and be exceptional temperature conductors even after the heating is turned off.  This translates into a cost savings on your electric bill.  While there are two types of heated flooring systems, electric radiant heat is more energy efficient.  This is also called an in-floor heating system. It uses a heating element and an electrical current making it the best choice for cost and energy effectiveness. As a bonus, it is also the easier of the two to install.

Install Professionally

To enjoy heated flooring, it is best to hire a professional.  Installing the system does have some unique characteristics. The process requires an electrician to install an electronic control and a programmable timer. In addition, the existing flooring will need to be removed carefully.  A professional tile installer will be required after the heating system is successfully installed.

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