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Granite Shop Uses Advanced Robotic Stone Cutting Technology

Advanced robotics stone cutting may not be something you give a lot of thought to. Preparing a piece of stone such as granite for your home is a detailed process. And, while our customers enjoy the beautiful end result, fabricators like us have options. Some options are more advanced and yield better results than others. Which is why we’ve chosen Baca Systems for our shop. If you believe that all stone fabrication is the same, you may want to read on.

Manually Cutting and CNC Machines

Manually Cutting Stone

Granite and other natural stones can be cut manually. However, and as you can imagine, it can be difficult. Specialized tools such as a diamond-cut blade and a circular saw are imperative. Moreover, a large work area, an incredibly steady hand and superior math skills run a close second. Manual cutting can lead to imperfections in the cuts, angles, and the overall finished piece. The Home Depot provides an overview for DIY cutting for the brave of heart. Granite Shop is not cutting customer’s projects manually.

Example of Manually Cutting Granite

Cutting Stone with a CNC Machine

CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control machines) were first used in 1946 to create Sikorsky helicopter rotor blades. Today, many stone fabricators use this type of system. The CNC blade, controlled by a computer, works within three axes to cut the stone to meet project measurements. CNC machines are an improvement over manual cutting, however, require a great deal of space and are time and labor intensive. CNC machines are not as precise as a robotic system. Granite Shop is not cutting customer’s projects with a CNC machine.

Example of CNC Machine

Advanced Robotics Stone Cutting

At Granite Shop, we’ve chosen to standardize on a Baca Systems Robo SawJet for our customer’s projects. A robotics system such as this works on a six axis system, allowing the saw to move much like an actual arm. This range of motion allows for incredibly precise and accurate cuts. In addition, advanced robotics stone cutting by Baca Systems is designed to significantly increase production, reduce labor, and maximize material yield, while providing a safer work environment. For our customers, that means faster delivery times and the ability to provide more intricate and detailed pieces of stone.

In addition, this advanced technology includes software allowing for vein matching before cutting of stone. Vein matching technology creates a layout and can rotate slab pieces to match seams before cuts are made.

Watch the Baca Systems Robo SawJet in Action

This video created by Baca Systems shows the Robo SawJet in action. Additional videos are available on their website and on Vimeo with a search for ‘Baca Systems’.

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