Backsplash Height – What is Standard?

The standard backsplash height, depending on you and your home, can vary. The backsplash is the area above the countertop and below the overhead cabinets on the wall. A typical height is 15″ and can also be much shorter, or even taller. Did you know, or consider, that the height of those who live in your home should be a factor? In addition, of course, you’ll want to consider your budget and aesthetic preference.

What is a Backsplash Used For?

Do you enjoy cooking? Are you in the kitchen often preparing meals for you and your family? Have you ever made an unexpected mess?

As its name implies, a backsplash is meant to catch those unexpected messes and make them easier to clean. The backsplash protects the drywall and paint from stains and spills.

Therefore, a full height backsplash — covering from countertop to cabinet bottoms — offers more protection than one with an 4″ backsplash height.

Backsplash Height: It Can Vary

There is a typical space between countertops and overhead cabinets of 18″. If this is in your kitchen, you have several options for which height you may want.

Backsplash Height: Is Budget a Concern?

If budget is a concern, a 4″ backsplash that matches your countertops around the perimeter may be your best option. Less materials are required and therefore will decrease the cost of the natural stone to complete the project.

custom homes
4″ Backsplash

Another option, is to create the backsplash to occupy half the space between the countertops and cabinets.

Then, the remaining space can either be tiled, or simply painted with a semi-gloss paint. These two options will also offer the benefit of ease of cleaning that a full height offers.

Going for an Eye-Popping Aesthetic?

If you’re going for an overall aesthetic, a full-height backsplash can play a pivotal role. Matching the backsplash to your countertop is most common. Or, you may even consider a different yet complementary pattern to for the backsplash space. Either way, a full height backsplash offers a focal point for your kitchen space.

backsplash height
Full Height

Take a look at this Houzz link for backsplash inspiration.

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