Granite vs Laminate Countertops

Granite vs Laminate Countertops in Summerville?

The Choice is Clear

Choosing the right material for your kitchen or bathroom countertops in Summerville is essential for creating a space you will enjoy for years to come. Considering granite countertops versus laminate countertops is a common debate among DIY remodelers and families alike. A common mistake is making a decision based on price alone without weighing the pros and cons of each. We are helping with that here.  We think you’ll find that the choice is clear. Natural stone is the undisputed winner in a granite vs laminate countertop showdown. The look and feel of granite is beyond compare to laminate and will add a one of a kind look to your home.

Granite Can “Take the Heat”

Granite is created through a process of pressure and heat. Therefore making granite countertops heat resistant. As such, you can forget about scrambling around in search of a trivet.  Granite countertops are durable enough to take the heat of the hot pan from your stove. Can laminate countertops do that?

Laminate countertops are made of particle board with a laminate coating over top. These countertops are prone to damage from heat. More importantly, setting a hot pan on a laminate countertop can cause it to melt, leaving behind unattractive damage that could prove difficult to repair.

Consider the Health Concerns

Unlike laminate, granite countertops are nonporous making them more sanitary overall. With a granite countertop, your family won’t have to worry about bacteria and germs lingering on kitchen surfaces. This is one benefit making them ideal for homes with children who love to help in the kitchen. This also makes granite a perfect choice for bathroom countertops where germs tend to thrive. For additional information about how to clean Granite countertops, check out our article here.

Durability Over the Years

When considering a new countertop, think about how it will serve you through the years. Granite is scratch resistant, durable, and, when properly cared for, will last forever. Laminate countertops have a much shorter lifespan lasting on average approximately 10 years at their maximum. Although granite’s price point is a bit more than laminate up front, its durability will save you money in the long run.

The lesser of the two in durability are the laminate counters. Laminate countertops require protection from daily wear and tear. Items such as cutting boards and trivets should be used to protect countertops from damage. Should damage occur, these countertops can be difficult to repair properly.

Whether you are looking to remodel your home or build the house of your dreams look no further than the Granite Shop for new countertops in Summerville.

Want to Know More?

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