Recycle Your Kitchen During a Renovation


Learn How to Recycle Your Kitchen

When renovating your home, you may be surprised at how much waste can accumulate. This is especially true if the space you are remodeling is your kitchen. You may find yourself with everything from fixtures to granite countertops to cabinetry. What is the best way to dispose of these items without contributing to a landfill? Believe it or not, you can recycle many of those materials.

Green Demolition Companies

The contractor you hire may already know a thing or two about how to remove materials so that they can be used again. If that is not the case, you may hire a green demolition company that specializes in removing and recycling materials from home remodeling. They can remove materials without damaging them. They also know what things can be reused and where to take the used materials from your demolition.


There are some charities that will take your used home materials. Charities such as The Salvation Army and Goodwill may take old appliances and even some fixtures. Habitat for Humanity also has a thrift store that takes donations of used home goods and building materials. If you will be undertaking a renovation in the near future, check in with these charities to find out what materials they will accept.

Reusing/Repurposing What You Have

Sometimes, when you are trying to decide how to recycle your kitchen, the answer is right in front of you. You do not have to remove everything from your kitchen. Some things can actually be recycled back into your kitchen or repurposed elsewhere. If you have granite countertops, you may be able to donate them as your prepare for new ones. Granite is a beautiful material that will last a long time when treated properly. Similarly, old cabinets can be refinished and new hardware added. When you decide to remodel your kitchen, look around. You can save yourself time and money by deciding between what actually has to be replaced and what can be reused.

When you are remodeling your kitchen, there are many ways to avoid contributing unnecessary waste to a landfill. If you want to know, “How do I recycle my kitchen?” consider these suggestions. They can help you reduce waste and possibly even save a little money.

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