Remodeling Your Kitchen in Stages

Remodeling Your Kitchen

When your kitchen no longer suits your family’s needs, it may be time to remodel it. Remodeling your kitchen in stages allows you to be able to use it while the remodeling is taking place. Some will demo the entire kitchen as their starting point. This can lead to several unwanted hurdles if all of the pieces are not yet in place. The following walks you through a few tips, in order of importance, to make remodeling your kitchen in stages as easy as it can be.

Determine the Design of Your Kitchen First

The first thing to do is decide the desired new layout for your kitchen. Making note of the exact dimensions of the cabinet and countertops allows you to order them properly before any demolition takes place. Measuring more than once is also a good idea.

Purchase the Materials

Next,  starting your remodeling process means purchasing all of the materials you will need. Remember to order the cabinets, the granite countertops, and the flooring as soon as possible. Order your custom items sooner rather than later, as they will take more time for them to be made. Asking for lead times helps to keep your remodel on schedule.

Complete All the Demolition At One Time

It is best to have everything demoed from your house in one day. Think about renting a large dumpster for discarding the debris. Having everything loaded into a dumpster and hauled away keeps you (and your neighbors) from having to see trash in your yard for days on end.

Having the Floors Installed

Once everything is removed from the kitchen, it is time for floor installation. Moving the stove and refrigerator to a different room while the floors are being installed is very helpful for the installers. Afterwards, they can be put back into place so that you can continue to cook your meals while remodeling your kitchen in stages continues.

Once the floors are down the cabinets and granite countertops can be installed. It’s best to let professionals handle the installation process for you so that you can rest assured that everything has been installed the proper way. Your cabinet and granite providers will be able to provide you with a project schedule. This will help you know when you’ll be completing your successful remodel.

All that’s left now is to enjoy!

Want to Know More?

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